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My is Paige and I am a recent graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a major in Communication Design with focuses in Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Advertising, and a minor in Art History. My time at Kutztown has helped me to grown not only my design skills, but as a person. Over the years I have grown to love museum work, UX/UI, art direction, and all things advertising. Below are some of my work experiences during my college career.

I have been working as an intern for the Amos Lemon Burkhart Foundation since August 2018 when the foundation was in its infancy. The Foundation’s mission is to “sustain, expand, and protect the legacy of the late Amos Lemon Burkhart and his artwork.” The ALB Foundation handles the artist’s estate of Amos Lemon Burkhart. We began in fall of 2018 with cataloging and photographing over 200 pieces of artwork which included both finished and unfinished oil paintings, acrylic paintings, life drawings, mixed media pieces, and graffiti, in addition to eight sketchbooks. I contributed my knowledge of current preservation methods to protect the artwork from premature aging and damage. The internship gave me the opportunity to assist a professional photographer during an eight–hour photoshoot for the first exhibition catalogue and the chance to sit in on the meeting with a print representative.

I also have strong roots in customer service. I have been employed by The Michaels Companies, Inc since 2015. In my time at Michaels I have spent time working in our framing shop as a Personal Designer, in which I help customers create unique design solutions to display their artwork. This involves having a solid understanding of design, familiarity with the products, as well as excellent communication skills. Not only do we take the orders, but we also assemble the frames in-house using preservation framing methods.

My experiences throughout college, my internship, and several jobs have made me not only a well-rounded person, but also a well-rounded designer who is excited to learn and continue growing within the industry. I am seeking a junior designer position am willing to relocate.